sderot train station

Architect in charge at Mann-Shinar Architects, completed in 2014.

Project includes station main entrance building, platform building, a connector building, carpark, train platforms and custom-designed platform open-sided shelters. Building materials include concrete walls at different angles including custom-designed triangular concrete slab cladding, tall spider windows. Design includes interior halls and spaces, according to Israel Railways specifications and architect design.

Photography: Gal Deren




rothschild foundation building

Architect in charge at Skorka Architects, completed in 2012. Project designed for the Rothschild Foundation appointed by the Rothschild Baroness. Preservation of an existing 1930's eclectic-style building on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel-Aviv, including the restoration of the original facades, windows & shutters, detailing of both original interior and exterior, new treatment of building addition. A new garden design with fountain and greenery in the spirit of the Art Deco style of the period, interior museum space and office design.



kenya hara building / japan

Architect at Kengo Kuma Associates, Architects, Japan.

Private Photography studio built in China for the famous Muji graphic designer Kenya Hara. Materials mainly used were lit polycarbonate for the purpose of a translucent effect of walls and ceilings. completed in 2007.

kengo kuma

architect website


the national library competition

/ 2012

Architect at Skorka Architects.

Team design member of Jerusalem National Library Competition. In charge of planning, research and graphic design. Project Includes library hall, cafeteria, public spaces, auditorium & parking.


competition constestors


the guggenheim helsinki


Architect at Skorka Architects, 2014.

Team design member of Helsinki Design Competition. Project Includes museum hall, cafeteria, public spaces, auditorium & parking.


competition constestors


water music school /

faculty valedictorian

musashino university 

Prize winning graduation project, department of architecture, Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan

Faculty valedictorian 2006

1st Prize winner at Musashino Art University

6th Prize winner of Tokyo-all-university competition



park west murcia / spain

Architect at Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects, Japan, 2008.

In charge of research & concept planning of park, all graphics and sketches. The concept was inspired by Murcia's traditional famous irrigation system. Instead of it being classically in straight water channels, we decided to create a winding irrigation system throughout the park, thus creating unexpected organic growth of greenery. Water sources are "acupunctured" in the soil, from which channels flow. Path types follow and intersect the park: "dry" paths along greenery, "wet" paths along greenery, and "fast" paths for bicycles and skaters.

toyo ito architects


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