CY House / 2016

Architect Kedem Shinar 

was selected as one

of six worldwide judges for

WALLPAPER*  magazine's

Best Urban Hotels 2017 // London

CY House / 2016


Branding and vision of company identity & structure, including logos, print & web design.


Exterior and interior design of residential homes, offices and commercial spaces


HIgh-level, custom-made boutique design 


Experienced and professional consulting for design & planning.

Team 8 Consulting / 2016

Team 8 Consulting / 2016

Team 8 Consulting / 2016

Razif Boutique Design Store / 2014

Design and vision of our projects is shared regularly with readers and architecture lovers worldwide


Theodor by Brown Hotels / 2020

Musical landmark with Dani Karavan / 2014

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