rembrandt apt. 

Renovation of existing apartment on Rembrandt street, Tel-Aviv of 150 sqm, completed in 2017Perched on the top floor, the apartment, similarly to a treehouse, overlooks treetops and a neighbouring park. The enlargement of the apertures with iron windows and the access to the terrace helped create an open space to allow maximum penetration of light and greenery, thus framing the picturesque view and giving a sense of outdoor living. Natural materials were incorporated such as a concrete floor, a custom-made kitchen design, and a library made of a mixture of natural oak and painted black and white wood. The master bedroom overlooks the park and has its own adjacent private bathroom with a tiled hexagon floor. The children's room, similarly to the children's bathroom design, is more colourful and cheerful.

Photography: 181 studio by Gidon Levin


king david apt. 

Originally a 1960’s 110 sqm apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv, completed in 2017, this apartment was designed with a new internal division of functions, including an an enlarged living room dining room and kitchen, as well as a master bedroom and two children bedrooms. The unification of the original spaces along the facade of the house enabled the creation of a large open space with a long stretch of large windows running along it. This enabled an increased penetration of light as well as a sense of loftiness throughout the apartment, thus creating one large central public space including an open kitchen, a dining area and a study with a long counter serving as a work table.

Inspired by two-dimensional graphic design, the apartment contains graphic elements such as a custom-made lamp in the living room which "climbs" up the wall in straight angles, white tile cladding with colorful grout in two bathrooms, thus creating grid-like graphic compositions. A light gentle grey hardwood floor was applied in order to mimic the tone of concrete but to add warmth to the main space. A minimalist and delicate design, including custom-made carpentry in natural french oak and a refined palette of colors, contribute to the sense of a quiet and soft atmosphere. Several elements of the previous apartment were preserved by displaying original items from the 1960’s, such as the display of an original 1960's iron as well as a camera of the period on the shelving system, or the framing of an original poster marketing the building project in which this apartment is in.

Photographer: 181 studio by Gidon Levin


herzeliya apt. 

Renovation of existing apartment in Herzeliya of 120 sqm completed in 2014 Inspired by local eclectic design, the apartment incorporates a mixture of stone flooring with painted tiles, persian rugs, oak wood library and staircase, large iron blue windows overlooking green trees, a new veranda, intimate bathrooms and custom-made kitchen design. The result: eclectic airy and full of light.

Photographer: Peled Studios


Shenkin apt.

Renovation of an 80 sqm apartment in a Bauhaus building from the 1930s, completed in 2014. To renew the condition of the apartment with minimum costs, the main planning was focused on the main living space, while the original rooms and windows remained as they were. The living room and adjacent kitchen were planned to be separated by a minimal partition of a low niched wall with a refrigerator within. the high ceilings were kept to allow maximal penetration of light. A hardwood floor was applied to the house, including a custom made kitchen with a "greenhouse" dining corner, with touches of red color. The client's private paintings add life to the neutral palette, including a room turned to an artist's painting studio, with green tiled floors overlooking a green balcony. The concept of the house was to create a natural, green atmosphere of plants within and without.

Photography: 181 studio by Gidon Levin


apartment design for the airbnb company 

Renovation of existing apartment upon request and initiative of airbnb in collaboration with p.r. company shalom tel-aviv for publicity purposes, published in yedioth ahronot newspaper, June 2013. The main goal was to change the look of the apartment within a constrained budget in a short amount of time. Inspired by scandinavian design, the result: a new concrete floor, new kitchen door panels, a colorful chalkboard door, new furniture and a dominating yellow and white theme.


bilu apt.

The renovation and preservation of an original Bauhaus 1930's apartment, completed in 2011. The design included: the original floor tiles, doors and ceilings were kept, a new layout plan and opening of rooms including a new custom-made kitchen with OSB cargo crate doors, exposed steel door, white+wood bathroom. Design concept was the juxtaposition of new meets old, keeping the space sunny, lofty and airy.

Photographer: Gal Deren

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