team 8 hi tech offices

Offices for a hi-tech company of 1500 sqm. on the third floor of an office building in Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2016. A special emphasis was given to the materials which combine a mix of concrete, light wood and colored aluminium profiles. The glass walls wrap around the space and in combination with the lighting create a sense of endlessness. The office space includes a large cafeteria, two main entrance lobbies and a combination of open-space and private rooms. The project was designed in collaboration with Skorka Architects.

Photography: Peled Studios




fidf foundation building 

Project status: currently under construction, designed in 2018. Interior design of Haifa's Navy compound recreational center, planned for the United States Friends of the IDF Foundation. Recreational center sits within a new building complex designed by Mann-Shinar architects, spanning over thousands of square meters, and includes a lecture hall, a gym, a synagogue, a convention center, a private clubroom, a hair salon, a cafeteria and a large clinic center. A new garden design with eating areas and greenery in the spirit of the sea and whereas interior spaces bright and colorful, nautical inspirations create a welcoming atmosphere. Imagery: Berend Studio


private investment bank offices

Project status: completed in 2017. 550 sqm, Tel-Aviv. For further details, please contact us.



hysolate offices 

Offices for a hi-tech company of 200 sqm. on the ground floor of an office building in Tel-Aviv, Israel, completed in 2016. The materials include a mix of concrete, oak wood and black aluminium profiles. The palette chosen for this project was black-yellow-grey. The large open space contains private booths, designed to host private meetings and individual work. The office space also includes a main meeting room as well as a kitchenette. The project was designed in collaboration with Skorka Architects.

Photography: Peled Studios


rothschild foundation building 

Architect in charge at Skorka Architects, completed in 2012. Project designed for the Rothschild Foundation appointed by the Rothschild Baroness. Preservation of an existing 1930's eclectic-style building on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel-Aviv, including the restoration of the original facades, windows & shutters, detailing of both original interior and exterior, new treatment of building addition. A new garden design with fountain and greenery in the spirit of the Art Deco style of the period, interior museum space and office design.


kenya hara offices / japan

Architect at Kengo Kuma Associates, Architects, Japan, completed in 2007.

Private Photography studio built in China for the renowned Japanese Muji brand graphic designer Kenya Hara. Materials mainly used were lit polycarbonate for the purpose of a translucent effect of walls and ceilings.

kengo kuma

architect website



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