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neve tsedek house

The renovation of a private residence in Tel Aviv, completed in 2022. The apartment, situated in one of the exclusive neighbourhood's original eclectic buildings from the beginning of the century, with large wood windows and heavy tuscan-style wood beams facing lush greenery. The design included minimal custom-made modern large carpentry shelving with painted varnish and oak veneers, juxtaposed with the original romantic atmosphere of the house with iron finishes and stone floors. The addition of a second level to the house as well as a new iron and oak hardwood floor on gallery and staircase, make this apartment anything but ordinary. A new layout plan composed of connecting of rooms via a large central wood partition composed of closets, shelving and hidden doors, to create generous space and storage solutions for a young family with young children in this charming apartment. 

Photographer: Dor Kedmi

Client /



Designers /

Kedem Shinar

Naomi Morgenstern


Location /

Tel Aviv

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