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cafe levana

The renovation and preservation of an original Jaffa space, with 4.5 meter high ceilings. The design included: complete branding, iron windows and doors, new facade design, seating area for some 50 clients, a service bar cladded with wooden strips and internal counters, an authorized service kitchen, bathrooms cladded with authentic patterned tiles, and wood flooring. Complete furniture, textile and lighting design including an upholstered sofa, a communal table, a custom-designed "tree-lamp" as well as designed wall elements from the nearby flea market. Design concept was the juxtaposition of the local flea market in which the cafe is located, with sleek minimalist modern lines, while keeping the space sunny, lofty and airy. Design in collaboration with Naomi Morgenstern 2008

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Interior design


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branding & logo design.

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Coffee Machine
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Meat and Cheese Sandwich
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