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ratzif boutique

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Branding and interior concept design of this shop represent a platform (train/port) including bold colors and the experience of walking in and out of seemingly large cargo crates made of simple veneered plywood. Completed in 2013, the design includes the detailing of metal colored shelving, plywood cashier desk and fitting-rooms, entrance space pegboard and plywood display installations and storage gallery. The design concept behind the store Ratzif in Tel-Aviv was based on a harbor platform so that many elements in the store related to it both within the interior space and in the logo. The logo resembles a crane, the red-white striped letter paper as well as the interior floor resemble warning signs on the platform, while the wood plywood represents cargo crates found in harbors.

Photography: Adi Shinar

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Interior design


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Tel Aviv


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branding & logo design.

branding & logo.

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