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shenkin apartment

Renovation of an 80 sqm apartment in a Bauhaus building from the 1930s, completed in 2014. To renew the condition of the apartment with minimum costs, the main planning was focused on the main living space, while the original rooms and windows remained as they were. The living room and adjacent kitchen were planned to be separated by a minimal partition of a low niched wall with a refrigerator within. the high ceilings were kept to allow maximal penetration of light. A hardwood floor was applied to the house, including a custom made kitchen with a "greenhouse" dining corner, with touches of red color. The client's private paintings add life to the neutral palette, including a room turned to an artist's painting studio, with green tiled floors overlooking a green balcony. The concept of the house was to create a natural, green atmosphere of plants within and without.

Photography: 181 studio by Gidon Levin

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Interior design


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Tel Aviv 

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