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Abstract Structure

shutter house

Private house design in Japan. The house is situated on a slope extending towards a river. The plan of the house is based on one large box serving as the main space (living room, dining and kitchen), with other boxes penetrating it (private rooms and bathrooms). The house is dynamic, and was designed with the intention of creating a disappearing roof, so that the entire roof hovering over the central space and its facade facing the river is made entirely of shutters, opening and closing. Thus with a touch of a button, one can sit entirely under the stars at night and enjoy an all-encompassing experience, blurring the borders between outside and inside, nature and home. The movement of the sun and stars, the change of the weather and light conditions of the day, the shifting of the shutters, create a dynamic experience in which the house participates in because it breathes and lives the outdoor conditions, The shutters create interesting shadows and light, provide shade and covering, enable a natural flow of air, and serve as individual solar panels so that this house is green.

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Role / 

Architect & Interior design


Location / 

Chiba, Japan


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